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Walk on water

//Projects Archive // Daisy Hart // za sep 17

The project

With this project I focused on the Munt area in Utrecht. The purpose was to identify the potential and do something with it. Park-Oog-in-al doesn’t have a connection with the nearby Merwede-canal. In my opinion this Is a potential chance to make the park more attractive. In the design the two recreational areas are connected. I have accounted with the transition from the park to the dike, and from dike to the sluice. I respected the ambiance of the English-garden at the park. Because of that ambiance I have chosen to make three adventurous walkthroughs to the open area at the sluice. From this point the visitor will have a beautiful view over the open water and on the Munt building (museum). One of these roads is crossing the side channel, with this route you experience a feeling as if you are walking on water. This way you will be more conscious of the existence of this channel and the transition of areas. With this adjustment the existing trees, houseboats and plots stay intact.


My inspiration comes from different classes, but also from several images, two of them are located on the right. I translated these images into the design.


On the right you can see one of the sketches which I made to define the course of the paths. I used a technique called contrapposto which I discovered during a seminar about the similarities between music and architecture. Contrappostos are notes in the music which contrast from each other but are also forming a harmony together. In this case I used trees as contrapposto and designed the path around that.


On the left is a AutoCad drawing that I made during this project to show what materials were used.