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The forest

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Transparency is the key from the inside out. The seasons and the time affect the state and appearance of the building.

The project

This was the first design I made on the HKU. The meaning of the design is to bring students in contact with the residents of the neighbourhood. This will make the residents understand what is happening on the HKU. The theme of the design was on/off. The space has to be attractive by day and by night, closed or open. The pavilion has walls of glass that can close, open and move around in different directions. The glass reflects, this represents the interaction that people have with each other, this is the essence of the pavilion
This change creates a new entry and makes the pavilion look different every time. The inspiration for this pavilion is based on the surroundings. The pavilion Is located in a park close to the school. The construction mimics the trees in a forest that create a spectacle of light and shadowed surfaces. The glass roof of the design makes a connection with the surroundings; you can see the crowns of the trees when you look up inside the pavilion. The connection between inside, outside and the surroundings are very important for the design. In the autumn the roof is covered with a blanket of falling leaves. The seasons have influence on the pavilion. In the winter all glass walls are closed against the cold but you can still feel the ambiance of outside.


The inspiration for this design is based on these pictures from the woods especially the lighting which shines through the leaves and the shadows of the bark which appear on the ground.

First concept

First with straws and carton, a test with sticks and plastic with leaves, and later on I made a virtual model.