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ROTSOORD.  Please take a look at our teamBuilding website. TeamBUILDING Rotsoord


september 2017 – december 2017

We are TEAMbuilding Rotsoord, a group of seven students that will focus on the Rotsoord district in the city of Utrecht.

It is a combined group with Spatial, Fashion and Product Design students.

Our goal is to get this neighborhood on the map and connect it with other neighborhoods in Utrecht.


Our goal is to transform the Rotsoord neighborhood into a ‘cultural, green and creative hotspot’. In addition, Rotsoord is in the picture when it comes to the urban need for housing and facilities. We have the ambition to transform Rotsoord into an extension of the inner city. Connection with surrounding neighborhoods is an important part of this. The various functions in the district will also be important to put this district back on the map. In this transformation and in the public space, a connection is sought with the rich industrial past of the area. The district of Rotsoord has its own identity and this identity will have to live more in the neighborhood. Because the district is located under a large traffic artery of Utrecht where the main roads, railways, and canals come together, it is important to allow the flow between the neighborhoods for cyclists and pedestrians.

The roof-park master plan

In the model the master plan is shown where we have come by researching; routing, buildings, functions, history, green, need from the neighborhood and the environment. Of course, this idealistic plan, but by setting it as a statement, we hope to inspire others and to think further about the possibilities that this district offers. That it is the start of a conversation in combination with the photo Expo.

As a starting point, we have chosen a central area in the neighborhood where no development has yet taken place in order to maintain the structural vision of the district.

The filling station is one of the landmarks and at the same time also a barrier in the neighborhood

Rotsoord. This is exactly what we used to extend the adjacent park by realizing it with a ramp on top of it. This also offers a beautiful view of the neighborhood and a passage for cyclists and pedestrians on the busy road. From the roof-park, a bridge was laid in a playful manner by a still indefinite monument, to allow connection with the river district over the canal. A very important final piece of the design for the neighborhood residents.

Provisions such as;

-Catering facility.

-Ateliers and workspace to strengthen the creativity and liveliness in the neighborhood.

– Shelters in the park

-new playground

-Possible Bbq places

-Lifts at the bus stop.

– Ramps on different sides of the design to make accessibility and flow possible.

The photo Expo

With the exhibition we want to point out to people from outside Rotsoord the diversity of buildings and facilities that can be found in the neighborhood. In this way we want Utrechtaren to look at the neighborhood in a different way. The beauty as well as the transience of the area, which stimulates thinking. We therefore hope that when they have visited the exhibition in Rotsoord they will discover their own surroundings and see what qualities the district has to offer.

For extensive information about the design and the research you can visit our website