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Changing wheater

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Small design makes a big difference, minding sightlines. Proportions and scale relative to the environment.


This design is a folly (building with no function) at the Boetzelaers-park in the Bilt province Utrecht. The design is made for the KNMI (Royal Dutch Meteorological Institute) and must have a connection with the weather, time, climate, growth and decay. I focused my research on the experience of the weather in new ways with this design. The user experiences the weather enhanced. I have analysed the park to discover the qualities, and focused on route, sightlines, areas, shelter, plantation, soil, pavement and detail. This is why I came to the conclusion that, one big design did not benefit the size of the park. The design consists of several narrow different designs on carefully chosen locations. For these locations I have to account with shelter, space, surroundings, wind, trees, sightlines, walking routes. The difference between the several folly’s are four designs wind, rain, temperature and sunshine. I developed the subject rain as you can see here.


With this project I was inspired by the Yapanese designer Tokujin Yoshioka, I used his way of using light in particular. His design ‘’twilight’’ is shown below on the left. It consists of smoke lighted by beamers. The smoke accentuates the light.


I began sketching with variating techniques; I thought to create some sort of arc shaped design, or an installation between trees to catch the rain, or something that moved in the wind. From hanging shelter to a construction which can be folded open when the sun shines. On the right you can see a selection of sketches.

Rain design

The design is a square concrete chamber that contrasts with the surroundings and is used as a little shelter. The visitor can experience the design whilst it is raining or while the sun is shining. There are holes in the sealing so the sunlight comes through and the rain falls in. The rain will make tapping sounds on the glass plate that is located on an angle right below the sealing, so the water can drain away to the lowest point where it disappears in a gutter. The user can quietly enjoy of the ticking sound when he takes shelter. Even if the sun is shining you can enjoy the folly because the light shines through the holes and creates a spectacle of shadow and illuminated surfaces in, on and around the building. Also the light creates a shimmer on the surface of the glass, the surfaces are reflected in the glass so you can see them twice.


This is a lighting study in sketchup as well as in a model to test the effect of the design. This is also the final rendering of my design.


This is a charcoal-pencil sketch in A1 format to display the folly in its location.