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My name is Daisy Hart, I am broad-minded but I can also put my designs in perspective. That’s the kind of designer I am! The most important thing for me about designing is that it is based on an underlying essence. The story needs to be correct from the beginning to the end, the design needs to breathe its vision, or at least I think it should.

My strength is not in volatile ideas, every part of the design needs to be derivative from the essence of the design and it’s never by itself. Designing is like exercising for me, a way to free my thoughts and find motivation to move on with whatever is on my mind. Through the years I found out what the effect of a design can have on people, the surroundings or the society. I find it inspiring to learn from others, especially how other people think about designing, and what methods they use. This way I keep broadening my vision on the world.


My fascination is very diverse. I am interested in geometric modern designs but I’m also fascinated by nature and its strength. Thats why bio-mimicry is so interesting for me. Primitive and simplicity but also futuristic, ideology and innovation are the things I admire. I like to fantasize. It’s very important for me to give meaning to the designs.


My method of designing differs from time to time; it all depends on the subject. I will always adapt myself to the situation; i can focus myself on a more analytic way or just start creating something. I keep trying to connect the things that I have done in the past to what I have assumed. I also believe that sketching and research can be done at the same time during the whole proces of designing to keep discovering new things. I am not afraid to try new things and take some distance from methods that I used in the past, but i always keep my focus on the essence of the design.